Check Oil Tank From Anywhere -Anytime
Install in minutes
Save money

*USPTO Patent Pending #62/704136

No Contract, Subscription or Monthly Fee

No contract, subscription, or monthly fee is needed for this state-of-the-art oil camera, which will save you a lot of money over the years, compared to other expensive monitoring systems.

Simply purchase oil tank camera from our website or from your favorite marketplaces such as Walmart or Amazon.

Benefit from a state-of-the-art, cloud-based monitoring system, with ZERO commitment from you.

Save trips to dark or hard-to-reach tank locations.

Install in Minutes

No additional tools required

Just minutes away from downloading and using our state-of the art MyEyes360 mobile app from Apple and Google stores.

Simply place your MyEyes360 oil camera on the tank vial and complete the Wifi configuration using our mobile app. 

Monitor Oil Level

MyEyes360 Oil Camera monitors your oil level and sends alerts to your smartphone when your oil reaches critically low levels.

No more trips to hard-to-reach basement areas to check your oil tank during hard winter months. The MyEyes360 mobile app lets you check your tank level from work, vacation, or wherever you have internet access.

Oil tank levels at your multiple rental or commercial properties are accessible at your finger tips using the same mobile app page.

Keep Track of Everything from Your Mobile Device

Mobile device monitoring will help prevent cold days and nights during harsh winter months. 


Android 5.0 and higher

iOS 10.0 and higher