• Check the batteries are placed correctly – Open the battery door, inspect the batteries are placed in right position, and turn the device back on. You should briefly see a red light illuminate on top of device.
  • Ensure Blue Tooth is enabled on your mobile device.
  • Click on Setup button and follow the instructions on your mobile device for configuring WiFi connection.
  • Click on Test button and wait for few seconds before observing the camera flash.
  • Check the mobile app for refreshed image, last updates time and tank level to ensure the installation is complete successfully.
  • If configuration still fails, please Email us at: support@adrrocks.com, or call our support line at <>.  Please leave a message if calling after hours or over the weekend and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
  • Please ensure the Oil Camera placed correctly on the Oil Tank Vial using the installation guide.
  • Check the WiFi connection, Battery level and Connection status on Mobile App Oil Camera details page.
  • Follow the same simple installation steps to restore the connection.
  • Press TEST button to capture the image and wait for few  minutes to reflect the change in MobileApp.
  • Finally, is your tank actually full? If so, the Oil Camera will register Full and not show any usage until the oil level lowers a few inches. Once it does, it will begin displaying a precise reading again, and showing you usage statistics.

I changed my router / updated my WiFi password, how can I update my WiFi settings on the Oil Camera?

Open My Oil Camera page on Mobile App and click on setting button on top left corner to go to settings and re-configure Oil Camera again with the changed WiFi password.

What is the procedure for changing the batteries? What kind of batteries does the Oil Camera take?

  • The Oil Camera need 3 AA batteries which are readily available online or in retail stores. The batteries can last up to 2 years, depending on WiFi strength, Upload Interval, and other factors.
  • To change the batteries, simply turn the device off and remove the battery box. Slide it open, remove the batteries and install the new ones. Power the device on and confirm you see a red light deep down inside. It will illuminate briefly upon power up. The device should automatically reconnect to WiFi and upload a new reading once the new batteries are installed. Refresh your app to look for a new reading.

Check your WiFi Password
Make sure that your WiFi password is correct. If possible, try to login to your WiFi network on your phone or computer using this password (just to make sure that it is correct). If you are unsure of your password, sometimes is located on the bottom or side of your router.

Placement of Oil Camera
Test WiFi connection by bringing Oil Camera reasonably close to your WiFi router (about 3 feet away is optimal). You can move it later, but it should be close to your router for this step.

Multiple Access Points
If you have multiple WiFi extenders or multiple access points throughout your house, try unplugging all of the extenders or access points during installation. Just leave the main router plugged in. Once installation is complete, you can plug all of your devices back in.

Reset the Router

Try resetting your Router and try the process again.

Try a Different WiFi Network

Sometimes, due to network congestion, the Oil Camera may have trouble connecting to your WiFi network. If you have multiple WiFi networks available in your home (for instance a Guest Network), you may want to try and connect your Oil Camera to this alternate network. Most routers will allow you to create a Guest Network if you don’t already have one enabled.

VPN’s & Firewalls

Check and resolve VPN and/or Firewalls configured on your network are not blocking the WiFi connection Oil Camera. Consider disabling/modifying the restrictions during setup. You can turn it back on again once your setup is complete.