About MyEyes360

The MyEyes360 WiFi Oil Camera idea came after missing to fill the tank on time and experiencing several cold days and nights without heating. MyEyes360 team wanted a solution to detect the oil tank level and keep the customers informed all the time.

After going through several ideas of monitoring the tank level, the MyEyes360 team created state-of-the-art WiFi Oil Camera monitoring device supported by a robust cloud platform, which can be installed using very simple steps, without making any changes to the oil tank.

Using the Oil Camera, the customers can now check their tank level anytime, anywhere, by just using the MyEyes360 mobile app on their mobile devices. The app will send a text when the tank is low, letting the customers know that it’s time to shop for oil.

This state-of-the-art monitoring solution will potentially help millions of customers save money as well as avoid heating equipment outages caused by empty oil tanks. By identifying their oil level, customers no longer have to worry about oil shortages or need to lock into pricey automatic delivery contracts.

Stay tuned for more innovative solutions from us, which will enable our customers to save money, by allowing them to proactively select the best available rates and dealers in their area.